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General Terms and Privacy Policy of "MNP75" Service

These Terms of Service include the requirements for using the "MNP75" Service and the legal provisions related to the collection, use, processing and storage of users’ personal information, so we recommend that you read these Terms of Service carefully before making any decision whether to accept them.


• To use the Service, you must be at least 18 years of age and the information you provide during registration must be accurate.

User registration:

• To access the Service, you need to purchase a MNP75 Service number, and during the process of getting the number, you need to provide your civil registration number, registered email and phone number to register. As your purchase number will be generated based on this information, so please enter your information accurately.

• If the number is purchased and registered at a branch office, the password to access the application can be sent to the registered e-mail address and number.

• In case of registering and getting a number online, the password to access the application will be sent only to the user's registered e-mail. Only prepaid numbers can be purchased online. Postpaid numbers can only be obtained by signing a contract at a service branch.

• Users who have registered for the Service can change their registration information by applying to the helpdesk and branch. Please note that you cannot change your account information from inside the application, where you can only reset or change your password.

Terms of Service:

• To use this Service, you need to download the Service application.

• You can make and receive calls, and write and receive messages through the Service application.

• The Service can be selected from 2 types of packages: Prepaid and Postpaid.

• Prepaid Service numbers are available online or through the website or at a service branch.

• Postpaid Service numbers can be obtained directly from a service branch. In case a number is ordered online or through the website, please note that it is only possible to save a number and you need to sign a contract with a service branch to obtain the number.

• Mobinet LLC may improve and maintain the application and Services without notifying you. In the event that such maintenance or improvement may cause interruptions in the operation of the Application or Service, the user shall be notified in advance.

• If you have a suggestion or complaint about the Service, you have the right to get itresolved by contacting the Service inquiry lines 2288, 75952288 and the email address customercare@mobinet.mn.


The user can pay any payments related to receiving and using the Service using all types of payment methods accepted by Mobinet LLC, such as Monpay, Qpay, etc.

The postpaid user is obliged to pay the bill by the 20th of the following month. In case of nonpayment, incoming and outgoing calls and messages will be blocked.

Collection, use, processing and storage of user’s personal information

The Service Provider and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies shall adhere to and implement the following conditions in accordance with the Law on Transparency of Public Information, "Law on the Protection of Personal Information" and other laws when collecting, processing and using personal information in order to deliver products and Services to users.

Collecting information

The following personally identifiable information may be obtained from the user who subscribed to use the application with the MNP75 service. (without limiting with such information only):

1. Email address

2. Full name

3. Phone number

4. Other necessary data

Information use:

We use user information for following purposes:

o Respond to customer’s feedback;

o Continuous improvement the products and services;

o To provide the goods and services in good condition;

o Provide timely information on change of products and services;

Transmission of information:

Because the user’s personal data is important to improve the functionality of product, we use this information only for internal use of entity and not to disclose or sell the third party for profit purpose.

Providing information to users:

The "MNP75" Service Provider has the right to deliver payment information, notifications, new promotions and information related to the "MNP75" Service to the user's 75xxxxxx number, mobile phone, and e-mail address.

Service helpdesk:

The user can get "MNP75" Service instructions and other detailed information at www.mobinet.mn, "Mobinet"’s social pages and 2288, and Customer Information Service Center.